What July taught me🌼

Heya beautiful people. How you doing? I know it’s been forever since I last checked on you but I’m back. For starters, happy new month🌼. I hope last month brought something amazing to your life, and if it didn’t, praying this month gives you a chance at growth and many more beautiful experiences. In theContinue reading “What July taught me🌼”

Takeaways On Grief And Loss – Teakisi

Grief is the most terrifying thing to happen to mankind. Its a time you cannot explain to anyone,and not even thrones you love most can understand this. I wrote about grief and loss at Teakisi. Please check it out in the link below. https://teakisi.com/takeaways-on-grief-and-loss/ What are some of the lessons you’ve learned from grief andContinue reading “Takeaways On Grief And Loss – Teakisi”

Mental health awareness month:Let’s break the stigma.

Its May, and its mental health awareness month. I come from a continent, am so proud of Africa, but a continent too reluctant on certain issues that are constantly being tagged,”the white man’s illness. I cannot blame them, I just think we can grow to adjust a little.Its May, and all I carry along withContinue reading “Mental health awareness month:Let’s break the stigma.”

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