Creatives: Behind scenes of every creative.

Bonjur mes amis et amies? Well, that’s me practicing the little French I know😂😂 I hope you’re doing well blogren fam. I’m so excited to be writing here again. It’s day 2 already of the 22 days and I can say everyday comes with more vigor and excitement. Today I thought I’d take us through the behind scenes of creatives because us out here, we might be wondering what the process looks like.

Although we might be doing different creativity styles like blogging, vlogging, podcasting, videography, photography, among other things, they’re definitely some similar processes we go through. Today, I choose to take you through the process.

1. Identifying our audience. In content creation, the biggest challenge placed before us is to identify our audience. Identifying our audience looks pretty simple, but oh well, not as easy as it sounds. Basically the reason is you’re literally putting up content and sometimes it involves the try and error process. Simply put, putting up something with an expectance that it might draw people to engage. The real task here is to understand what content is preferable, and what measures you put in place to attract an audience. It also involves risk because you’re out there risking every single time and wondering if you’ve met the needs of the audience.

2. Research. As weird as it seems, we must make research. Coming out of the blue and feeding the society with false information is not only embarrassing, but also puts your blog or vlog in the spotlight. No one wants to be fed with lies all in the names of content creation. This also includes penning down important ideas you want to include and reading about the things you intend to fill in on the society.

3. Learning graphics design. I know for a fact that seems almost unreal,but the truth is you have sometimes to do the work yourself,make those edits and make your work look a little unique. Seems easy right, but the truth is you could spend hours or even days just trying to perfect one poster or something of the sort.

4.Photography skills, english skills, to mention but a few. In content creation, you have to put something that will excite the readers, I mean who wants to read a whole 20,000 words with no photo atleast to create some good imagery. You’ll have to learn how to take professional photos, pose for the camera and learn some editing skills. Good grammar is one of the traits every reader is looking out for. No body wants to read wrong grammar everyday, because it actually gets annoying and nasty. As a creative, we learn everyday in order to give you a perfect look of what we’re trying to communicate.

5. Impression. Creatives have to live all their lives impressing the society. Ever wonder why sometimes content creators are giving you less of what you expect? Well, sometimes the reason is ,they have so many things they’ve been working on, and just don’t seem impressive enough to be put out to the general public. Working hard to attain impression is something you have to do everyday,and over again because its a continuous process.

Creatives are sometimes criticized for what they have put up because they don’t seem to reach a certain expectation the audience is looking up to. I know this can be frustrating,but don’t just simply water or trash what they’ve put up. Content creation is like education, you have to put up with the same struggles everyday, stay up long hours, wake up early, research, read and write everyday, as if you life depended on it. There’s a whole lot and more about this. I could write the whole day. To all the content creators,you do a great job no matter how the society sees it, because you give it your all.

That’s all for today lovelies. Have a great day. Stay safe, and don’t forget to wear your mask and sanitize.

#Winter ABC 2021.

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Passionate about children

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