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Creatives: Who are they and what do they do?

Hello there. I presume you’re doing well. It’s been long I know and I’m so sorry I’ve taken this long without hearing from you, but I’m back💃💃💃. First things first, happy new month y’all. I’m excited to be back, because with me comes an amazing challenge I’m hoping you’ll enjoy. It’s my first time participation, and honestly, I feel both excited and anxious. Of course first reason being, I’ve never blogged daily before,and I honestly don’t know how it feels, but I’m yet to find out. Amidst all this, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Well, with me comes an amazing topic, creatives. This is this week’s topic.

Creatives, the first time I had this word I was a bit puzzled, not because it looked new, but because I had not seen anyone be so serious about them. Creatives can be defined as persons who create extraordinary content, as they see the world in a different way,in an exciting way. Creatives create all they create in a bid to make a difference. They definitely include photographers, vloggers, bloggers, podcasters among others.

Often times I’m asked, why I write, and that’s another whole day trying to explain myself. Questions like, do you get paid for it? And comments like, that’s not African, in short, it’s a waste of time. Being a creative means explaining yourself to each and everyone about the work you do, why you do it, and why you started. Creatives are people who remind us that we matter, bring joy to our faces, sometimes remind us where we come from, and why we started. They usually speak for the voiceless, and set new standards that ought to be followed I’m society. These are few things creatives do. I personally describe creatives as life savers, they’re day makers and smile givers.

Some of you are wondering why we need creatives. Honestly, these are people who bring us a smile even in the middle of a pandemic, they show us the small things that matter, they make us realise the positive side of life. We need creatives because we need some joy even in devastating times.

Today is day one of the WinterABC2021 and I thought giving us a clear definition of what creatives are and what they do will give us a clear start. Cheers to a great month as we have fun and learn from other creatives🤗.



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17 thoughts on “Creatives: Who are they and what do they do?

  1. So of us don’t need to write for money but to express ourselves. This what I eaxactly explained in my today’s challenge..
    Check it out on
    We write because we feel we should write….

    Thanks for the share.

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